Teasing Danger by Autumn Dawn

In “Teasing Danger” by Autumn Dawn, Jasmine finds herself hunting for her best friend in the Alaskan wilderness. Wiley often disappears into the solitude of the heavily forested region, knowing that Jasmine and her dog Lemming will soon follow. She always leaves a map and never deviates from the course she has set.

Jasmine’s panic is immense when she arrives at Wiley’s camp to find no trace of her friend. She considers a number of horrific scenarios, never imagining that danger closes in on her as well. To Jasmine’s shock and horror the freezing forest soon experiences a severe climate change and she is surrounded by lethal looking wolves that are under the command of a mysterious man.

Jasmine is forced to follow this man through the forest. If she disobeys, she has no idea what the crazed animals might do to Lemming and her. The man explains that he is taking her to see his cousin and that she is in a place called the Dark Lands.

Jasmine is stunned when she discovers that the mysterious man’s cousin is her friend Wiley, now called Rhilia. She and Jasmine have been friends since childhood and Wiley never knew that she had been parted from her people. She and Jasmine have an emotional reunion and Jasmine promises to help Wiley escape her captors. It quickly becomes clear that Jasmine too will not be allowed to leave. She is a Sylph, a human that is able to hold males in thrall. She must not be allowed to work her magic on Wiley’s peopleā€¦

Ms. Dawn has created a fantastic blend of science fiction and romance with this story! While the reviewer had a little trouble becoming involved in the beginning of the story, it quickly picks up the pace. The hero was an alpha male to the extreme, but it works in the context of this story. “Teasing Danger” is a fantastic mix of romance, suspense and intrigue!

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