The Golden King by Max Overton

In “The Golden King“, Max Overton draws the reader back into the story of Nikometros, and his love, Tomyra. Alongside Nikometros’ faithful “Lions” and Tomyra’s “Owls,” discover characters that will confuse, hurt, and tantalize. For example, Parasades, the fierce warrior: where do his loyalties really lie? Overton creates spies and political intrigue, wars and religious ceremonies, as he crafts the story of Nikometros. Will the hero ever return to his beloved home in Persia?

Overton has grown as a writer, weaving a more complex plot and character development into this novel. “The Golden King” possesses a depth that was only hinted at in “Lion of Scythia.” The plot possesses a richness and a complexity that are refreshing. In addition, the story will keep the reader guessing right up to the Epilogue.

However, this novel is slightly flawed. “The Golden King” disappoints by not tying up all the loose ends. While the Epilogue concludes with “The End,” the story has not been completed. Tomyra never tells Nikometros that she is pregnant, and the reader wonders when and where that will happen. This leaves the reader wanting to see how Nikometros reacts to that news. Nikometros, also, has not achieved the vision prophesized for him in the first novel. Nikometros is “the warrior” of the prophecy, but if the title of the book is “The Golden King,” who is this king, and how does he fit into this story?

Overall, Overton’s growth as a writer is engaging. The reader should be prepared to spend all night reading this book; the plot and characters will thrill and perplex from beginning to end.

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