The Mother’s Sword by Dr. Bob Rich

In the next book in the series, “The Mother’s Sword” by Dr. Bob Rich, the Ehvelen are mythic peoples, small of stature, but mighty as to their reverence for each other. This second story tells what is happening back home while the invading, evil Doshi hold Heather of Quiet Glen captive.

The reader learns of young blond-haired Oak who is amazed to see these giant ogres kill others, something unknown to her people. The Ehvelen are not like this at all. They are peaceful, cooperative forest dwellers, who go out of their way to help each other, and would never kill another human being. This is most unfortunate because the giant Doshi from across the river persistently invade to capture, kill, and rob the Ehvelen with no qualms about doing evil.

At first, the Ehvelen try to be friendly to the newcomers only to be attacked. Oak is amazed by what appear to be two-headed monsters. The reader soon realizes that they are men riding horses. Ehvelen do not have horses and are surprised to see them separate from the riders. The Ehvelen are able to repel the raiders and call for help, which willingly comes from all around. The Ehvelen prepare to rebuff attacks. Because of their cooperation and quick thinking, they are able to resist and kill most of the invaders—for now.

Dr. Bob Rich in an “Afterword” laments the loss of land, pollution, waste of resources, disintegration of society, and the mental disorders plaguing today’s world. He points to alcohol abuse, suicide, drugs, and violence as evidence of the failure and disintegration of society. He feels diseases such as cancer stem from destruction and misuse of our environment and sees today’s societies as stealing from the future and destroying it.

Certainly, his message of destruction plays out in these mythic tales and causes us to lament the many evils among us. He is trying to warn us not to destroy our future by failing to learn from our past. The book succeeds in conveying his message in a well told, very adult, mythic tale.

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