The Start of Magic by Dr. Bob Rich

Dr. Bob Rich‘s, “The Start of Magic“, begins an exciting mythic tale of the Ehvelen peoples from long ago. Their name suggests elves or fairies, and they have beautiful faces, eyes, and bodies that are quite small, averaging about three feet tall. The image is enhanced by their very physical behaviors of leaping among tree tops and singing like birds to secretly communicate. Enemies see their ways as magical and envy them. They are not warlike at all and seek union and reverence for all life.

Grasshopper of Quicksands records their existence and struggle for survival. Maybe imaginary or maybe not, the Ehvelen inhabit a heavily wooded environment and worship the Mother Source as all-powerful. Women are revered as the source of all life and serve as strong leaders and equal partners in the defense and survival of their world. Sex is a gift from the Mother Source. Women, as well as men, are trained as hunters and are equals in defending the group. Their society is controlled as to numbers, and each family is allowed only two children. In this manner they survive as a group in the same-forested lands for many generations.

Trouble looms and Heather of Quiet Glen is captured by the enemy Doshi and held captive for three years. Although pregnant from being raped by her Doshi master, Heather links with two other enslaved women and plans an escape. She is successful and is able to warn her people to prepare for war. Although not fully told, we are led to believe that the Ehvelen are able to repel the Doshi this time and continue their lives – at least for now.

For the lover of mythic literature this book provides the first in a series of tales of a mythic people. This book is recommended for readers who like to question and explore possibilities from our past – questions that transcend into the present. The Ehvelen exist in a wonderful society too good to survive. That fact leaves Dr. Bob Rich and us feeling that their potential destruction affects us all, even today. He has an important message: if we destroy our environment, we destroy our future.

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