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The New Releases program provides authors and their publicists or representatives with free promotional space to list new and upcoming releases. To list your title please read the rules and the non-exclusive agreement below then submit your listing.

New Releases Listing Rules

  • All submissions must be works of fiction or creative writing related (i.e. how-to articles on writing short stories) that (a) have been published within the month of submission or (b) will be out within the next three months. The Fiction Forum reserves the right to refuse any submission.
  • The information you provide must follow word count stipulations where indicated. Yes, we do count words. Failure to follow guidelines may result in missing or cut information.
  • New Releases will be displayed for up to two months. Authors may remove their listing eariler via the add/update info page.
  • You will be responsible to provide The Fiction Forum with any information you would like updated via the add/update info page.
  • Anthologies will be listed as one title with a 100 word description in total.
  • Erotic Romance: we will post release notices for Erotic Romances, however please keep in mind that we have a broad audience (including children) and blurbs should be G rated.
  • Changes to listings may take up to 30 days.
  • Failure to follow Rules may result in removal of listing.

Submitting Your Listing

By submitting your request to add your title to the new releases program via email you are agreeing to all the rules above. Please submit all of the following information to

General Information
(do not use all caps)

  • Book Title
  • Author Name
  • Genre
  • Release Date
  • Publisher
  • Publisher URL
  • Brief Description (limit 100 words)

Please DO NOT send graphics. We do not display book covers with new releases, there are just too many of them.

Please format your information as follows:

Book Title by Author Name
Release Date:______
Brief Description……………………………………………………………………………

For questions or comments about adding your listing to the Event Calendar please send an email to

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