July Listings

“Lawfully Yours” by Patricia A. Rasey
Genre: Historical Romance
Release: August 2003
Amber Quill Press,

Bounty hunter Ryder Storm likes women little and trusts them even less. Against his better judgment, he accepts the job of tracking down the woman who murdered a Rhode Island businessman. Finding her seems simple enough, but keeping his heart becomes the biggest challenge of his life.

Cheri Henderson is a woman down on her luck, working in the uncultured West, trying her best to properly raise her son without the benefits of a father. Little does she know, however, the crude bounty hunter sent to Tucson to catch a murderer is actually looking for her.


Past Suspicion by Therese Heckenkamp,
Genre: YA Suspense
Release: Summer 2003

“Don’t trust anyone . . .” So whispers Robin’s mother just moments before she dies, setting in motion the intriguing story of a teen on a quest to unravel the secrets of her mother’s past. Robin’s heart becomes torn as she tries to figure out where she belongs and whom she can trust. An artful interweaving of the past and the present, of Robin’s story as well as her mother’s, Past Suspicion glows with hope yet burns with caution: Beware how you live life, or the past may return to haunt you . . . and those you love.


“The Green Moon” by Donna Conger,
Genre: Romance/Sci Fi
Release: July 1, 2003
Publisher: Port Town Publishing

Short description: It’s 2416, and the world is completely electronic. Everyone learns, communicates, and sends messages via Mind Effacers. Human sexual contact has become a thing of the past, in an effort to stop birth defects and overpopulation. A small faction of rebels opposes the government control. Their infamous rebel leader kidnaps the head of the Mind Effacer program, and proceeds to shock her with revelations about the people behind the cause, the real problem with the 25th century society, and his own, earth-shattering secret; one that will change the future of the world.


“A Time For Pink Roses – All My Life” by Teresa Louise Stanisha
Genre: Suspense
Release: July 2002
Publish America,

When Devra Denira and Mitch Kolb, the man of her dreams, were together, no one could misinterpret the mutual desire fueling inside them, just waiting to be unleashed and tasted. Pittsburgh born and raised, they shared the love of music-especially his- “The Sunshine Song” and happy music on his keyboard. The heated passion is so hot onlookers can feel the sizzling vibrations. He gallantly takes her hands before their first kiss. Devastated, they learn that they are related. The shock shatters their romance and unravels their lives! Desperate, Mitch takes to bedding Mona, an evil gold digger. While despondent, Devra moves away to Connecticut to start a new life. Her recurring dreams begin. She later finds that they were actual events that happened to Mitch. They’re not related after all! But Mona will not let go, not for anything, attempting to murder both of them until surrounded at gunpoint! Will Devra ever get the pink roses?


“Horses By E-Mail” by Staci Layne Wilson,
Genre: YA / Adventure
Release: June 2003
Publisher: Amber Quill,
Publishing Format: Paperback and Electronic
ISBN, e: 1592791247 ISBN, p: 1592799140

Fourteen year old Karen lives with both her parents, bratty younger brother, Ryaen, and the family feline, Mr. Spock. She wants a horse more than anything, but her parents won’t let her have one. One day while reading a horse magazine, Karen sees a notice in the letters section from an English girl who “lives and breathes horses!” and is looking for an American keypal. The girl from England, Melaina Brisbee, is fifteen years old and owns two Connemara show ponies. Eager to share her love of horses, Karen writes a letter to Melaina.

And so, the adventure which will lead both girls across continents and into fierce competition, begins…


“Only a Game” by Sherry L Gibson,
Genre: Horror/Suspense
Release: June 2003
Publisher: Publish America,
ISBN: 1-59129-843-1

Super egos are playing a game while evil forces lurk in the background. Only a Game is a suspense-filled novel about an emotionally dysfunctional family. Diane, the mother, is an emotional wreck. Alan feeds off his mother’s terror and insecurities. Their battle rages on to a violent conclusion. Diane’s teen daughter, Crystal, is caught in the middle between mother and brother. This family is locked in the clutches of terror while dementia and demons rage forward


“Tell My Story Walking” by Cara Shannon
Genre: Mainstream Fiction
Release: June 2003
Publisher: Book Locker,

While traveling in Australia In February 2003 with her two best friends, the author and one of the friends unexpectedly found themselves in a life or death battle. During a morning swim in the ocean, the two became trapped in a rip tide. The rip carried them away from each other and into the fight of their lives and, ultimately, very close to death’s door.

Some people find shells in the ocean, some people discover messages in a bottle ­ but for Cara ­ the discovery was the incredible power and strength of friendship. This story, this novel, was born from that discovery.


“Stasis” by Kelly Steed & Colleen Elliott,
Release: May 2003
Genre: Science Fiction
PublishAmerica, Inc.,

Illinois 2027: Should mortal man tamper with the natural progression of life and death? The Luyet Cryonics Institute seems Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth and an agent of eternal life but beneath the smile-laden promises, is a portal guarantying nonhuman entities a flesh and blood existence. Reincarnation, the natural way of eternal life, is replaced by technology causing a rip in the fabric of the universe, which threatens to reduce it to its most basic components.


“68 A.D.” by D.G.Bellenger
Genre: Historical Fiction
Release Date: May 2003
Publisher: PublishAmerica,

Ancient Roman history with a twist of Egyptian mysticism makes 68 A.D. an exciting, page-turning read, transporting the reader to a time long ago when the Roman Empire was in turmoil after Nero’s death. With the assassination of the Emperor and the ascension of his son, a rebellion surfaces and a mysterious Egyptian shows up to help quell the insurrection. Murder, kidnapping and a female gladiatorial exhibition brings intrigue and action to the story.

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