June Listings

“Unfinished Business” by Scarlett Dean,
(Book 1 in the Possessions Series)
Genre: HorrorRelease
Date: May 2003
Publisher: Amber Quill Press,
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Used furniture salesman, Doug Patterson, learns the hard way–it isn’t the house that’s haunted, but the furnishings inside. When he starts a business de-haunting customer’s possessions, he also learns the dark secrets of his past can be deadly. Thrown into a race against time in order to save lives, Doug must battle paranormal forces that have unfinished business.


“Left For Dead” by Sal Greco
Genre: True crime
Release Date: May 2003

From mobster to minister – Joe Bellante’s amazing story. In his first book, Sal Greco – author, offers a rare inside glimpse of life in organized crime, as it really exists, not the glamorous view from the top, but a grittier view from the underbelly. LEFT FOR DEAD, a true story, is sometimes funny, sometimes tragic, but always real. At age ten, Bellante saw a bookie’s dining room table stacked with cash and said to his dad, “I want to do what he does.” At twenty, Joe was an enforcer for organized crime in Pittsburgh. His job description, in his own words: “I did things to people.” In 1972, at thirty- two, Joe lay in a hospital bed, fighting for his life after taking gunshots to the face from a fellow mobster and being “left for dead”…


“Obsessive Behavior” by Melody Ravert
Genre: Thriller/Suspense
Release Date: June 2003
Publisher: Kingfisherbooks UK,
ISBN: 1-904653-01-4

A modern day story revealing the would be hero’s obsession with the heroine and how he proceeds in stalking and terrorizing her. Daniel Moraco, a close friend of the Woods family shows up at their home about the same time their daughter, Rachel comes home for spring break. No one interprets Danny’s infatuation with Rachel as strange behavior until the day her brother Mike agrees to drive her back to college and discovers she has been abducted.


“The Shivered Sky” by Matt Dinniman,
Genre: Fantasy
Release date: June 28, 2003
Publisher: Silver Lake Publishing,
ISBN: 1-931095-51-5 Available through Barnes & Noble,

After five young strangers from around the world die, they find themselves on the outskirts of Heaven. But something is wrong, terribly so. Smoke fills the crimson sky, and the five are faced with a shattered landscape. One crawling with demons and angels and a war beyond the scope any of them can even begin to fathom.


“Silver Creek” by A. H. Holt,
Genre: Western
Release date: June 28, 2003
Publisher: Avalon Books, Thomas Bouregy & Co, NY,
ISBN: 0803496001
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Silver Creek is an old fashioned western offering a little mystery, a little romance, lots of fast-paced action and a handsome cowboy.


“Big Ice” by Christopher Bonn Jonnes
Genre: Suspense
Release Date: June 28, 2003
Publisher: Publish America

“A reclusive polar ice researcher locates a doomsday fault that could allow the West Antarctic Ice Sheet-a mile-thick ice cube as big as Mexico-to slide off the continent and flood coastal cities. Millions of people worldwide would perish. This knowledge-and his heroics at a fateful traffic accident-puts him reluctantly under the scrutiny of media, law enforcement, and a band of environmental extremists desperate to make an obscure prophecy come true. Their cataclysmic objective seems terrifyingly believable-as does their plan to exterminate him, the only living witness to their scheme.”


“Suicide String” by Burt Keimach
Genre: Political thriller
Release Date: July 2003 (but available before)
Publisher: Publish America

In the wake of 9/11 and scores of other suicide bomb atrocities, this shocking story will make its mark as a “weapon of mass instruction.” Penned by an expert on the Middle East, the dark and twisted background to Islamic martyrdom and the concept of Paradise is chillingly outlined. Those who care about democracy and freedom miss this at their peril.


“Corn Maiden” by Joyce Jones
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Release: September 2003
Lean Press

In 1974, Ruth Kristinsdotter, a housewife whose last of four children has gone off to college, sets off on her 42nd birthday to find a life after children. Her quest is sidetracked by Johnny, a young Native American man who rescues her from a frightening stalker, and the two feel an immediate psychic and physical attraction. She follows Johnny, and begins a strange, erotic journey, part legend and part history lesson, in which Johnny’s obsession with his tribal past presents Ruth with physical and emotional challenges beyond her wildest imaginings.

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