Clovers by Rayaprol Janaki Anand

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I am an Indian, a wife and mother of two grown-up girls.

This is my only book though I have dabbled in poetry and written a few articles. I started out as a sub-editor in the national radio but left when kids came on the scene.

I am an artist and the illustrations in my book and the cover design are my own. The book is light reading but was inspired by a serious philosophical discussion on the state of the world…


Rayaprol Janaki Anand

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Partridge India

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‘Clovers’ is written under the pen-name, ‘Samira’- a mermaid and the lead character in the book. It begins with the lovelorn lass, Samira, leaping into the sea and when she surfaces as a siren the tale takes an unusual twist…as she, with the willing aid of androxen (seazers of the seas) and sympathetic spacelings turn the earth into a green Gaia and the human psyche re-booted to be unselfish, responsible and caring…


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