Generation Snow


Robert Earl Wildwood

Story behind the story:

Robert Wildwood has been working at re-programming human culture for more than 25 years. Robert has published numerous zines and books under the name Robert Earl Sutter III, Robert Rowboat, & Robnoxious.

In 2014 Robert published his first full length graphic novel Hobo Fires, set in the near future when hobos must hack rides on robotic freight trains. In 2016 Robert published his finest fiction to date, a climate change mystery thriller called Generation Snow.

Robert is a long time author at Microcosm Publishing with the following titles currently available: Unsinkable, Alive With Vigor!, Shut Up & Love the Rain, and Awesome Future.

Robert lives in the city of Duluth and enjoys exploring the lakes and rivers of Minnesota in his solar powered canoe.


Microcosm Publishing

Book Title:

Generation Snow


Earth has been thrown into perpetual summer by climate change, only the elders speak of a time when snow fell from the sky.

The survivors struggle in the deserts of the South and flee to the North where the United Tribes have consolidated world governments in the last green places on Earth.

When a climate refugee from the South is accused of crimes, cafe owner Duffy Shoreman is implicated and finds himself on the run. Arm in arm with the famous artist Starblaze Sturgeon amid chaos of hurricanes and murder mystery, Duffy has dream visions: on a distant planet named Gaeiou the climate grows steadily colder.

Deep winter will soon become the permanent season. Two young students, Pagnellopy and Xippix, realize they could be the last generation with a chance to save their planet and they fight to bring the balance back.


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