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Interview with Amber Quill Press,
Conducted by Dawn Seewer, November 2002

How long has Amber Quill Press been around and how did it get started?

Amber Quill Press began in late June, 2002. It was formed by a group of authors, editors and artists who have a combined decades of experience in editing and publishing. We came together in an effort to create something different in the publishing world.
What type of publisher could Amber Quill Press be categorized as?

Amber Quill Press is a dynamic, royalty-paying small press.

On your site, you mention that your mission is to be “The Gold Standard In Publishing,” how do you think Amber Quill Press compares to it’s competition?

I think there are a number of very good epublishers out there who have stood the test of time, who treat their authors and staff with respect, and offer quality books to their customers. Amber Quill Press is proud to stand in those ranks. I think because many of us have a lot of experience in the industry, we can avoid some of the pitfalls the earlier pioneers encountered.

Quite a few of your staff members are also Amber Quill Press authors. Can you tell me a little bit about how this group came together?

We’ve known each other for several years through the epublishing world. The core group of us discovered how much we have in common and how our strengths balance one another so well. It was a natural evolution as we decided to form our own publishing company.

When a new submission arrives what process does it go through in order to determine its potential as a publishable title?

We have a reading procedure with a feedback form the reader supplies to the Editorial Director. If there is any manuscript that is “border-line,” a member of the Managing Editor staff will read it and offer comments as well.

How much of the editor’s personal tastes play into your acceptance criteria?

Our Editorial Director has an incredible handle on what is good writing, what makes a good story and what the reading public enjoys. He does not include his personal preference in that decision-making process.

Are there are specific storylines or genres that lend themselves well to the Amber Quill Press line?

At Amber Quill Press, we are looking for great stories and great storytellers. We have a wide variety of genres from historical fiction to contemporary romance; vampire and futuristic to mystery. We have a YA section as well. So I think the key to what Amber Quill Press searches out is quality, whatever the genre.

On your site it states that your submissions are currently closed except by invitation only, how does an author receive an invitation to submit?

Right now, even invitations are in a holding pattern because we have had such a wonderful response from top-notch authors with terrific stories. I’d say keep an eye on the submissions page for information on invitations to submit as genres open for submission.

Do you have a tentative date for when submissions will be reopened? Do you except submissions to be closed regularly?

Right now, I’d say it’ll be in 2003 before submissions will be opened —in specific genres only; not a general reopening of submissions.

Where does your cover art come from and do authors have any say in the design of the cover?

Trace Edward Zaber of ThunderArt creates the majority of Amber Quill Press covers. An author is welcome, in fact encouraged, to provide input for the cover art.

What type of marketing campaigns does Amber Quill Press implement to ensure continues sales and growth for both the company and its authors?

We are participating in a mass mailing campaign with our printer and we have garnered interviews for our authors on a number of high-traffic sites. Many of our authors regularly participate in online chats we’ve arranged for them.

In addition, we continue to aggressively seek out sales opportunities for our authors and their books. We also encourage our authors to think in terms of self-promotion and provide them with templates and assistance in designing press kits, promotional items, etc.

Marketing is as important to Amber Quill Press as having a catalogue of top quality ebooks and trade paperbacks.

Where can you find Amber Quill Press titles for sale?

Amber Quill Press titles are for sale on our website as well as at, at various online vendors and through

What do you feel draws your customers in to purchase Amber Quill Press titles?

We have a number of award-winning and award finalist authors who are writing new books their fans are waiting for. In addition, we offer a wide cross-section of genres. Our books are edited to strict standards, so customers get a top-quality read. And if you have the chance to visit you’ll see how easy it is to navigate our site.

Along with a pretty extensive catalogue of titles, you also offer some free short stories. This is something you don’t often see from a publisher, can you tell me a little bit about these short stories?

We asked our authors if they’d be interested in participating in this kind of program. And we received their short stories very quickly. We all enjoy something free, and we want to thank our customers and visitors for thinking of Amber Quill Press.

Can you tell us a little bit about the contest you are currently running?

Yes, in November and December, we are giving away a Franklin eBookMan® EBM-901 each month. Everyone who purchases a book from Amber Quill Press is automatically entered in the contest. Each purchase gives you another qualifying entry.

We will randomly draw a name from everyone who purchased a book in November at the end of the month to win the eBookMan. In December, again, every book purchase qualifies the customer for the December draw. We had a very happy winner in October already!

For all the details, just visit our contest page at

Unfortunately many smaller publishers fold within the first few years. What is Amber Quill Press doing to ensure a home for it’s titles and authors for many years to come?

We have a dedicated staff whose goal is to succeed. We are moving forward with a carefully planned strategy and growing slowly, but steadily. That gives us the opportunity to market, promote and develop the company in a consistent growth pattern which will ensure our continued success and the continued sales and success of our authors.

The fact we have so many talented authors at Amber Quill is a huge part of the foundation of the company. With mediocre books would come mediocre success. But with the award-winning, proactive, outstanding storytellers at Amber Quill Press, it will be the Gold Standard in Publishing for years to come.

Is there any other news you wish to share about Amber Quill Press?

Just to say that we have exciting contests, sales, promotions and books coming in the future. Please watch the website and enjoy the books!

Thank you very much to Amber Quill Press for a great interview. We wish the best of luck to you and your authors.

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