A Very Special Place

by Agi Kiss

Recommended by: Jennifer LB Leese
Published by Macmillan Education Ltd.
Release: 1997
Format: Paperback 48 pages
ISBN: 0-333-66623-2

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The story takes place in Mt. Kenya. A little girl named Wambui grew up learning the herbal medicine from her grandmother. In A VERY SPECIAL PLACE, she needs to find a plant-the only plant that can save her grandmother’s life. However, more trouble begins the moment she steps out to hunt for the plant…someone burned the forest where she lives. Now what will she do?

Kiss’s story for children is the perfect book to teach culture, family values, and honesty. Children will learn about the capabilities and importance of our environment, as well as conserving wildlife territory. Her story is well written, and full of descriptive detail. The colorful illustrations help bring the story to life.

This book includes a section that teaches children about traditional and western medicines with several different methods of healing. In this informative section, it explains how they differ from one another and what they have in common. It also teaches the reader how both systems are important to the health of people throughout the world.

This reviewer highly recommends A VERY SPECIAL PLACE by a very special author-Agi Kiss.

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