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There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat

by Lucille Colandro Recommended by: Jennifer LB Leese Published by Published by Scholastic Inc. Release: 2002 Format: Soft Cover 32 pages ISBN: 0-439-36863-4 Buy this book on Amazon now! THERE WAS AN OLD LADY WHO SWALLOWED A BAT is filled with bones, bats, owls, cats, ghosts, goblins, and wizards. A comical chain of events begin after an old lady first swallows a bat. Then she swallows a swallows an owl... read more

Bewitching Crystal

by Marie Prato Recommended by: Jennifer LB Leese Published by Format: E-book in HTML, LIT, RB, or PDF 82 Pages Buy this book here! Taking place in Old Salem, Massachusetts, Mari Prato’s book features a young typical young lady named Rande. Rande is slightly different from your average girl. Her father recently married, Maureen. Rande thinks that her stepmother is a wicked witch.... read more

Carly’s Ghost

by Peggy Tibbetts Recommended by: Jennifer LB Leese Published by Press-Tige Publishing Release: February 2000 Format: Soft Cover 100 pages ISBN: 1-57532-398-2 Buy this book here! CARLY’S GHOST is a wonderfully written ghost story. Carly Baillie is a twelve-year-old girl who moved to a small town named Steamboat from St. Paul, Minnesota with her parents and older sister, Jackie. The town’s... read more

Genuine Haunted House For Sale

by Susan Lee Recommended by: Jennifer LB Leese Published by Atlantic Bridge Publishing Release: 2002 PDF, HTML, MS LIT, and PalmOS format 18 pages ISBN: 1-931761-42-6 Stevie’s parents decide that it is time for a change. When they announce that they were looking for a new house-a house with character-Stevie secretly wished that they’d act like normal parents. She just couldn’t understand... read more

The Ballad of Jack O’Lantern

by Louise Ulmer Recommended by: Jennifer LB Leese Published by Release: October 2001 Buy this book here! THE BALLAD OF JACK O’LANTERN is the story of how children came up with the Halloween Jack O’Lantern. Making several clever deals with the devil himself to get out of spending eternity in Hades, Jack ended up becoming the Jack O’Lantern that we know today. Louise... read more