Bewitching Crystal

by Marie Prato

Recommended by: Jennifer LB Leese
Published by
Format: E-book in HTML, LIT, RB, or PDF
82 Pages

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Taking place in Old Salem, Massachusetts, Mari Prato’s book features a young typical young lady named Rande. Rande is slightly different from your average girl. Her father recently married, Maureen. Rande thinks that her stepmother is a wicked witch.

Maureen isn’t the working type, inside their home, or outside their home–she doesn’t seem to have the knack for keeping a job for any length of time. Therefore, she humbly asks Rande’s father if he would consider opening a pet shop for her, which he does…in Old Salem. Because of the reputation of the town, Maureen decides to wear witch’s clothing, and quickly finds some of the less normal individuals in town, to hang out with. Because of this, Rande is left taking care of the pet store.

Rande’s dangerous adventure comes into full swing when burned buildings, poisonous snakes, and unmistakable warnings surface repeatedly.

Has everyone gone crazy? Is everyone, including a parrot named Crystal, bewitched? Is Salem all that it is cracked up to be?

BEWITCHING CRYSTAL is a well-written story that is sure to spook you. The characters are well defined and the dialogue is life-like. Young adults, anywhere from nine and up, will find themselves relating to Rande.

This reviewer found Marie Prato’s haunting tale screamific. Follow Rande on her adventurous mission of exposing Maureen, the witch, for what she really is.

The author, Marie Prato lives in an old home in New York with her four chatting parrots, and two lazy dogs. Her books include OBSESSION and WEB OF FEAR. Prato is also an experienced world traveler, romantic with a strong interest in animal’s rights.

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