Carly’s Ghost

by Peggy Tibbetts

Recommended by: Jennifer LB Leese
Published by Press-Tige Publishing
Release: February 2000
Format: Soft Cover
100 pages
ISBN: 1-57532-398-2

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CARLY’S GHOST is a wonderfully written ghost story.

Carly Baillie is a twelve-year-old girl who moved to a small town named Steamboat from St. Paul, Minnesota with her parents and older sister, Jackie. The town’s residents believe that the house is haunted, therefore making the house sit empty for two years before the Baillie’s bought it at a bargain price. Shortly after moving into her new room, Carly notices weird things happening around the house. And her sister Jackie is blaming Carly for it.
Footsteps pacing the halls during the night, doors slamming unexpectedly, and cold drafts throughout the house are driving Carly nuts. No one believes in Carly’s house believes that the house is haunted, but Carly does after she finds a few belongings of the ghost.

Join Carly on her ghost hunt in a cabin in the mountains!

The moment I started reading CARLY’S GHOST I couldn’t put it down. Each page overflows with tension during just the right moments, realistic-dialogue, sibling challenges, and secrets of the unknown that will keep you flipping the pages. You’ll love the book. I did.

At the end of the book, I felt that it should have gone on a little more, but I enjoyed the ending none-the-less. This reviewer hopes that Carly gets into more ghost hunts in her future, and I look forward to more work by this talented new author.

Peggy Tibbetts lives in Silt, Colorado with her family. She loves to read and her articles have appeared in several magazines, newspapers, newsletters, and online magazines. She is a contributing Editor for Children’s Magic Window magazine.

Read CARLY’S GHOST by Peggy Tibbetts as soon as possible, but be prepared to read the book in one sitting until the very end!

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