Edward G. and the Beautiful Pink Hairbow

by Marsha Diane Arnold

Recommended by: Jennifer LB Leese
Published by Random House
Release: 2002
Format: Hard Cover (HC) 48 pages
ISBN: 0-307-26337-0 (hard cover), 0-307-26337-1 (paperback)

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Evelyn J. thinks that Edward G., her baby brother, is cute, but not as adorable as the pink hairbow on top of Cynthia Lucinda’s head. Edward G., known for being insistent, always insists on his sister reading to him before dinner, to bang on pots and pans while she plays the piano, and smashing bananas in her hair.

Every Wednesday afternoon, Evelyn J. and her friends gather in her room for the “Trade Ya” club. Everyone brings something that they want to trade in the hopes of getting something even better. As soon as Cynthia Lucinda walked into her room with the beautiful pink hairbow in her hair, Evelyn J. knew that she’d have to trade a lot of good stuff just to get it. But Cynthia Lucinda wasn’t paying attention to Evelyn J. and the things that she wanted to trade, she was playing with Edward G. Everyone else around her was yelling, “Trade Ya” and she watched as they swapped old things for new things.

What can she trade that’s good enough for the beautiful pink hairbow? What about trading her baby brother? On the other hand, what about a wagon full of stuffed animals? Read EDWARD G. AND THE BEAUTIFUL PINK HAIRBOW by Marsha Diana Arnold to find out!

Considered as a “Mile 3” book, EDWARD G. AND THE BEAUTIFUL PINK HAIRBOW is great for children who have mastered beginning reader books. This type of book is simple and flows well, but adds new words for early readers. Inspire your children to ready by collecting similar books by Marsha Diane Arnold today!

This cute book is filled with brilliantly colored illustrations that are sure to make children giggle. At the same time, it introduces popular subjects, familiar words, semi-in-depth plotlines, and easy-to-follow dialogue.

EDWARD G. AND THE BEAUTIFUL PINK HAIRBOW by Marsha Diana Arnold is a winner!

Arnold was born and raised in Kansas, but now resides in California with her husband, Fred. Spending time at home with her family is her favorite activity. When she’s not writing, or speaking at school, she’s in the garden, practicing yoga, going to the movies, or taking long walks with her friends. She likes to travel and explore faraway places. Her father called her “a little dreamer” while growing up-fitting to what she has grown up to be. Arnold “believes that the world is nourished by positive visions of dreamers.” Visit her website at for purchasing information, and to find out what else she writes.

This reviewer and her children, highly recommends this book!

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