Genuine Haunted House For Sale

by Susan Lee

Recommended by: Jennifer LB Leese
Published by Atlantic Bridge Publishing
Release: 2002
PDF, HTML, MS LIT, and PalmOS format
18 pages
ISBN: 1-931761-42-6

Stevie’s parents decide that it is time for a change. When they announce that they were looking for a new house-a house with character-Stevie secretly wished that they’d act like normal parents. She just couldn’t understand why her parents were so weird.

After searching the local paper, Stevie’s mother finds information on an old house out of town that was having an “open-house” event that very day. They load in the car to have a look. However, when they walk up onto the rickety porch, they see a hand painted sign that reads GENUINE HAUNTED HOUSE FOR SALE hanging from the front porch. Stevie’s parents are ecstatic. They knew immediately that they wanted it-mainly because it fit what they were looking for, and because Stevie’s mother was hoping to jump-start her career in journalism by writing a documentary on ghosts.

Stevie can’t believe it, and she thinks they are weirder than ever when they start hooking up motion detector cameras in almost every room.

After a month and a half of experiencing nothing ghostly, Stevie’s parents grow discouraged, but this is also when the fun begins.

This book is told through the eyes of Stevie and T.C., a young boy ghost who lives in the home with his mum and dad. Stevie and T.C. are very much alike and they soon find out just how much they have in common. When the pressure of being watched all the time in the house becomes too much for the ghosts to bear, they have no trouble letting the living know about it.

Susan Lee’s book GENUINE HAUNTED HOUSE FOR SALE is a cute story that will keep any child’s attention. This book is for children, but mainly for 3rd grade and up, mainly because of the age of the children in the book. Parents don’t have to worry-there is nothing scary, gory, or gross in this book, just ghostly adventure where the living and the dead learn how to get along. Lee’s use of dialogue works well for the setting of the story, the age of characters, and the contents in the book. I look forward to more stories by Lee, and this book comes recommended by this reviewer.

The author, Susan Lee started her career as a painter, and over the years entered the world of writing. When she isn’t writing, she spends time with her children and husband, directing the library at her children’s school, working with her horses, gardening, and reading. Look for more of Lee’s books at Atlantic Bridge Publishing.

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