Grandpa Loved

by Josephine Nobisso

Recommended by: Jennifer LB Leese
Published by Gingerbread House
Release: 2000
Format: Hard Cover (HC), Soft Cover (SC) 32 pages ISBN: 0-940112-01-9 (HC), 0-940112-04-3 (SC)

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GRANDPA LOVED is a beautiful picture book for children.

Told in a simple and understandable manner, the book, the author, and the illustrator are all winners, and quickly became a favorite. The inspirational story details a grandpa and a grandson who learn from each other in a playful and heartwarming manner. The grandpa in this book, by telling stories and showing different places, and different people, inspires the young boy to appreciate and to love the things that his grandpa loves. The charming illustrations are brilliant and grab the child’s attention immediately; they add a wistful touch, complimenting the lovely book by a talented author.

The author Josephine Nobisso lives near the sea on Long Island, and has published many books. Ms. Nobisso takes her writing workshops to dozens of schools each year, and she was named “Friend of Education.”

The illustrator, Maureen Hyde, has traveled to many places while teaching herself how to draw while developing her own style. Ms. Hyde lives in Florence, Italy, where she paints and teaches at a classical art academy.

GRANDPA LOVED is a remarkable book that comes highly recommended by this reviewer.

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