Hello Willow

by Kimberly Poulton

Recommended by: Jennifer LB Leese
Published by Moon Mountain Publishing
Release: 2000
Format: Hard Cover (HC) 32 pages
ISBN: 0-9677929-0-8

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Whoever thought that you could have so much fun with a willow tree? In HELLO WILLOW, there is a little girl who has hours worth of fun with the willow tree in her backyard. Her imagination, stemmed from that very tree, soars to new heights as she spends the day under the long branches. In the beginning, this little girl is greeted in the morning by the willow tree swaying its branches against her window. Then she comes up with tons of different ways that she can include the willow tree in her playing. She plays that she’s a hair dresser as she twists the long branches over her head. She plays that she’s a fearless explorer waiting on the branches for an animal to pass by. The little girl comes up with tons of things to play including having a picnic in the shade, playing hide-in-seek, and even taking a nap. That’s just the beginning of what this little girl comes up with!

HELLO WILLOW by Kimberly Poulton is an endearing tale of creative playing. It is sure to spark an interest in your child’s play, giving them ideas of their own. This delightful book shows children and their parents that relationships, regarding children, aren’t only with other children.

Give your child a gift of friendship by giving them HELLO WILLOW today!

A book and a child go hand in hand. This reviewer thoroughly enjoyed this charming book with beautifully illustrated pages.

Author Kimberly Poulton is a writer by profession, who worked previously as a managing editor of the Rhode Island Medical Journal where she wrote physician communications for Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Rhode Island. She writes poems and short stories, as well. HELLO WILLOW is her first book. She lives in Westport, Massachusetts with her husband, John, and their two daughters Rachel and Laura. Poulton teaches Sunday school and volunteers in Rachel’s kindergarten class.

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