Hyper Harry

by Patricia H. Aust

Recommended by: Jennifer LB Leese
Published by New Concepts Publishing
Release: December 2001
Format: e-book in HTML, Diskette, Download, Trade Paperback
e-Book ISBN: 1-58608-307-4
Trade Paperback ISBN: 1-58608-501-8

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HYPER HARRY by Patricia Aust is a delightful book for all middle-grade (9-13) children.

Little Harry is hyperactive. He is unable to control his shocking behavior at times, and it is causing havoc around the Cheltoni household. Ted, 12, is Harry’s older brother, who loves his little brother, but secretly wishes for a normal life.

After Harry gets suspended from school and kicked off the school bus for one week, Ted finds his hyper brother packing to leave home, fearful of causing his parents to separate. Ted then decides to help his brother. Any parent would be proud of young Ted.

Ms. Aust captures some dramatic tension and heart-felt emotions between Ted, Harry and their parents. As all parents know, children can be nerve-wracking, and Ms. Aust pinpoints this behavior in HYPER HARRY. The setting, dialogue, and characters are realistic and encouraging. I enjoyed reading HYPER HARRY and look forward to reading more work by this remarkable author.

Connecticut resident, Patricia H. Aust lives with her husband, Erich. She has a grown daughter, son, and son-in-law. Ms. Aust is a part-time social worker with a long-standing interest in kids and adults with ADHD. With this knowledge, she wrote HYPER HARRY and her soon-to-come book SPACEY STACEY, due out March of 2002.
HYPER HARRY is Ms. Aust’s first e-book.

This reviewer highly recommends HYPER HARRY by Patricia H. Aust for all young readers.

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