I Am Special, Too

by Jennifer LB Leese

This month’s column will feature books for special children. If you have a child who has P.D.D, Down Syndrome, A.D.D, autism, A.D.H.D, dyslexia or who has any type of learning disability, then you know that there are books made just for them.

As a mother, I worry about the learning abilities of my children, as well as the teaching capabilities of my children’s teachers, therefore, I am constantly on the lookout for new ways to enhance my children’s learning ability at home.

With that, I’d like to share some of the books that I have come across with you. Hopefully, you will find a new favorite author.

“I AM GIFTED TOO” by Valerie Hardin

“…a dyslexic bunny named Kara, who sees words scrambled when she tries to read. When her teacher has her enrolled into a learning difficulties class, Kara begins to see the words better, but she doesn’t feel very good about herself.”—Published by Writers Exchange E-Publishing

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“RAY-RAY’S DREAM” by Barbara Johnson

“…Ray-Ray started his short life in a hospital and throughout his 4 years of life, he had spent many of his days in a hospital…sick and sad. That is until he met his mommy. She didn’t like seeing Ray-Ray sad. She told him that little boys and girls should be happy and loved, so she adopted him.”—Lovegifts Publishing

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“HYPER HARRY” by Patricia H. Aust

“…After Harry gets suspended from school and kicked off the school bus for one week, Ted finds his hyper brother packing to leave home, fearful of causing his parents to separate. Ted then decides to help his brother. Any parent would be proud of young Ted.”—New Concepts Publishing

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“THE BOY WITH THE BIG EAR” by Barbara Toledo-Linder

“…Told as a modern poetic fable THE BOY WITH THE BIG EAR is full of excitement and energy. This book would make a wonderful teaching tool for parents, day care providers, and teachers for helping children learn to deal with differences, conflict, and resolve matters, self-esteem issues, dealing with a bully, and much more…”— Mountain Mist Productions

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“MY BROTHER KEVIN HAS AUTISM” by Richard W. Carlson Jr.

“…Each of the 40 rhyming poems tells the reader what it is like to have a family member with the brain disorder known as autism. The love the author feels for his brother, shows in every word on every page…”—

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Next month’s column from “Jennifer’s Corner” will be “Winter Reading” books for kids to celebrate the winter season, no matter where they live or what their religion is. Authors to look for in this issue include Louise Ulmer, Gene-Michael Higney and Ann Garrett, Deanna Luke, Janet Graber and Michael Ambrosio.

Remember, just because some books are electronic (e-book) books, doesn’t mean they aren’t fantastic! Open up an electronic book today and get to know some talented new authors.

Off the Top of my Head-talented children’s e-book authors to check out:

Susan Lee
Betty Jo Schuler
Dorothy Thompson

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