Marky And The Seagull

by Deanna Luke

Recommended by: Jennifer LB Leese
Published by BOW Books
Release: 2001
Format: Hard Cover (HC) 48 pages
ISBN: 1-928777-12-0

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The Marky series is a collection of books that build character while teaching children right from wrong, as they learn what truthfulness and ethics mean-just what all parents love.

In this book, eight-year-old Marky Stevens travels to the beach to visit with his grandparents. When his aunt and uncle show up with their newly adopted little boy named Mikey, Marky doesn’t know quite how he feels about his new cousin. However, after finding an injured seagull that he wants to take care of, Marky learns the true meaning of love and caring.

This book and other books in The Marky series was accepted into the Renaissance Accelerated Reading Program, making these books part of the required reading in schools across the country. Read more about The Marky series books by visiting his webpage at

The author, Deanna Luke is the founding author of BOW Books, a publishing company that creates books and other materials that promote values, integrity, and principles in a fun and entertaining way. BOW Books, owned and operated by Luke and her husband, Jerry, is “Dedicated to protecting the minds of our future.”

Luke started writing children’s books more than 20 years ago, and she decided to publish shortly after becoming a grandmother. She wanted to produce “safe” books for her grandchildren, and thus started BOW Books.

Luke lives with her husband in Fort Worth, Texas, where she teaches Creative Writing in an enrichment program for home school students. She has three grown daughters and four grandchildren.

My children loved my reading MARKY AND THE SEAGULL to them at bedtime, and asked all types of questions afterward. As a mother, I loved books that bring out this type of behavior in my children, and as a reviewer, I love these types of books period.

Young Marky is like any other eight-year-old child you’d meet and adore. The illustrations, which adorn each page, enhance the storyline and give the book a delightful touch. This book comes highly recommended.

Bravo Ms. Luke for your Marky series books!

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