One Smile

by Cindy McKinley

Recommended by: Jennifer LB Leese
Published by Illumination Arts
Release: 2002
Format: Hard Cover (HC) 32 pages
ISBN: 0-935699-23-6

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All it takes is one smile to change the world!

After a little girl, walking through the park with her mother, smiles at a young man who had just lost his job, he feels immediately inspired to continue searching for a new job. On the way, he finds a woman in need of help. He fixes the flat tire on her car and goes about his way. That woman, still feeling happy after lunch, leaves an extra large tip for the waitress. That waitress decides to surprise her kids with a soccer ball and a picnic lunch…the happy feeling continues throughout the book…passing from stranger to stranger, and coming full circle in the end. How? Find out by picking up a copy of ONE SMILE by Cindy McKinley today.

This beautiful book for children is filled with detailed watercolor illustrations that add a dream-like feel to the book. Each page flows from one pay-it-forward message to the next-all stemming from a little girl’s smile.

This reviewer found ONE SMILE inspiring, and compassionate.

Children and their families will enjoy this touching book. Pay-it-forward…read ONE SMILE by Cindy McKinley!

Cindy McKinley loves to help children. She is an elementary school teacher, avid reader who enjoys photography, tennis, and volunteering as a tutor. She resides in Michigan wither husband, Shawn and their children, Jordan and Justin.

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