Su Ling’s Kite

by Joann Rohr

Recommended by: Jennifer LB Leese
Published by: Writers Exchange E-Publishing
Release: 2002
Format: E-book in PDF, HTML and CD, 31 pages
ISBN: 1-876962-42-7

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The story of Su Ling and her kite is based on facts.

While Su Ling, the Chinese princess of a little village in China, watched her father, the Emperor, fly brilliantly colored kites in the sky, Su Ling realized that the colored kites meant danger. Soldiers were coming.

When her father’s plan of tricking the soldiers out of their weapons, didn’t work, Su Ling set up her own plan to defeat the soldiers in a peaceful method. With the help of an astrologer, a few kites, and the people in the kingdom, Su Ling tries to save her village. Does Su Ling use kites to save the kingdom? What does she do exactly to save her people? Find out by reading SU LING’S KITE by Joann Rohr from Writers Exchange.

As a person who enjoys kite flying occasionally, I loved this story of a brave little girl. Joann Rohr’s tale worked well as a question and answer session for me and my children. They enjoyed learning the importance of kites in China, and went to bed knowing that they had learned something new and interesting.

Included in Rohr’s book, at the end of the story, readers will find a helpful page full of kiting tips and kite flying safety tips that parents and children will enjoy learning.

Joann Rohr enjoys writing poetry, inspirational stories, fiction, and non-fiction for all ages. She also dabbles in art, web design, making beautiful jewelry, and music. The author always had a great interest in kites and fascination in the rich history that surrounds them. After spending many happy hours helping build and fly kites when her two children were small, this story was born.

This reviewer found SU LING’S KITE by Joann Rohr extremely delightful and educational.

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