The Ballad of Jack O’Lantern

by Louise Ulmer

Recommended by: Jennifer LB Leese
Published by
Release: October 2001

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THE BALLAD OF JACK O’LANTERN is the story of how children came up with the Halloween Jack O’Lantern.

Making several clever deals with the devil himself to get out of spending eternity in Hades, Jack ended up becoming the Jack O’Lantern that we know today.

Louise Ulmer’s rhyming tale of Jack is well written and kept the interest of my children until the end. This reviewer enjoyed reading, and it filled my children with questions and thoughts of how they think Jack O’Lantern spends his days when it isn’t the Halloween season.

Readers of this poem/book will enjoy learning of how the lighted pumpkin became our number one Halloween decoration, and it is sure to spark creative energy within their children as it did mine.

Author, Louise Ulmer began with children’s books in the world popular Arch Book Series at Concordia and The Bible That Wouldn’t Burn. She has been a writing instruction and editor for fifteen years, and has recently started writing novels for middle grade readers.

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