The Boy With The Big Ear

by Barbara Toledo-Linder

Recommended by: Jennifer LB Leese
Published by Mountain Mist Productions
Release: September 2002
Format: e-book, PDF, download – 28 pages
ISBN: None listed, but this is an exceptional lesson-learning story for kids

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THE BOY WITH THE BIG EAR is an endearing book about a little boy who was born with one ear larger than the other was.

Picked on at school, and on the baseball field by bully Tom, the boy with the big ear often dreamed of being just a regular kid. When asked to ride bikes by Sophia Bella Rose, the boy with the big ear heard lit up. After about fifteen minutes of riding, he heard groaning sounds and quickly he followed them to a nearby creek. Whom do you think the boy with the big ear found?

Told as a modern poetic fable THE BOY WITH THE BIG EAR is full of excitement and energy. This book would make a wonderful teaching tool for parents, day care providers, and teachers for helping children learn to deal with differences, conflict, and resolve matters, self-esteem issues, dealing with a bully, and much more.

This book of bravery, after learning abut self-awareness, is the perfect ego booster for children. Immediately, they’ll feel for the boy with the big ear and they’ll cheer him on as they witness his act of bravery and forgiveness.

My children, ages 10, 5, and 4, loved this book. The ending brought a smile to my face. Afterwards, it had my children thinking, as it brought up several that I enjoyed answering.

The author, Barbara Toledo-Linder was a Montessori teacher, and she believes that her writing style has been shaped by that experience. She is also a true believer in a child’s “inner knowing”, and her writing comes from life experience, interactive exploration, handling emotions, identifying, understanding and expressing. She wrote: “My intention and passion for writing THE BOY WITH THE BIG EAR was to bring emotional life to light and enable children to explore their emotions in the context of relationships.”

Bravo! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and AStoryWeaver’s Book Reviews highly recommends THE BOY WITH THE BIG EAR by Barbara Toledo-Linder. Get your copy by visiting her publisher’s webpage highlighted above.

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