The Calico Buffalo

by EJ Stapleton

Recommended by: Jennifer LB Leese
Published by BOSC Publishing Company
Release: 2001
Format: Soft Cover (SC) 68 pages
ISBN: 0-9710283-0-3

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The calico buffalo was born on a starry night in a canyon by a river to a mother, born of royal blood, and to the powerful chief of all buffalos. Disbelief engulfed the calico buffalo’s parents when they saw that their baby buffalo wasn’t as other buffalo’s, wooly and brown, but the color of a calico cat. His mother tried to cover her speckled baby with brown-red clay, because she was afraid that the herd wouldn’t accept him.

When Thorn, a buffalo who is jealous of the chief’s position, finds out about their scheme, he thinks of a plan to tell the news to the herd. Together the herd travels on a treacherous voyage to find out where and how their species came about and they want to find out just what they should do about their calico buffalo.

Stapleton’s book THE CALICO BUFFALO will give you hope and fill you with joy. The story of the calico buffalo is accompanied with brilliant full-color illustrations by a talented artist named India Baldwin. THE CALICO BUFFALO is a fable that combines Native American culture with the age-old tale of being different.

The storyline teaches open-mindedness, understanding, ignorance, discrimination, mercy, and morality–tough issues for children nowadays. I loved it. THE CALICO BUFFALO’S readers will walk away from this book feeling satisfied and that they learned an important lesson in decency.

BOSC Publishing Company donates a portion of funds from every sale to the Jessie Bullens-Crewe Foundation,, and to
The Home for Little Wanderers,

THE CALICO BUFFALO came to EJ Stapleton in a dream. He has spent a lifetime writing, painting, and performing. Mr. Stapleton grew up in Boston, and has since traveled the world. He currently divides his time between New Bedford, Massachusetts and Austin, Texas. Other books by EJ Stapleton and BOSC Publishing Company include “Audrey Ruth and Jane,” and “the Bundlestick People.”

This reviewer’s children, ages 10, 5, and 4, loved the story of the calico buffalo. Highly recommend!

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