The Tale of Dog Giovanni

by John Gravdahl

Recommended by: Jennifer LB Leese
Published by Propeller Press
Release: 2001
Format: Hard Cover (HC) 32 pages
ISBN: 0-9678577-9-1

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THE TALE OF GIOVANNI by John Gravdahl is an adorable children’s book about the friendship between a little boy called Red and his singing neighbor, Julius.

When Red wakes one morning with chicken pox, he finds that boredom strikes quickly. Hearing stupendous sounds from outside his bedroom window, he pops up to see what it is. His neighbor, Julius, an ex-opera singer, and his dog, Giovanni, are singing to the petunias. How odd, but fun, Red thought, as he threw down a note.

From there, their friendship bloomed. When Julius dies, friendship continues between the old man’s dog, Giovanni and Red.

This wonderful story written and illustrated by John Gravdahl is a heartwarming lesson that expands the barriers of age and even life form.

Detailing friendship, animals, loss, gardening, and performing arts, Mr. Gravdahl has written himself a winner. His artwork has been featured in countless international exhibitions. He is an Associate Professor of Graphic Design in the Department of Art at Colorado State University. Born in South Dakota, he now lives with his wife Kathleen in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Remarkably, the author that writes about dogs is allergic to them, and he too, hums in his garden, but out of tune.

THE TALE OF GIOVANNI by talented author John Gravdahl comes highly recommended by this reviewer.

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