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I Am Special, Too

by Jennifer LB Leese This month’s column will feature books for special children. If you have a child who has P.D.D, Down Syndrome, A.D.D, autism, A.D.H.D, dyslexia or who has any type of learning disability, then you know that there are books made just for them. As a mother, I worry about the learning abilities of my children, as well as the teaching capabilities of my children’s teachers, therefore, I... read more

The Boy With The Big Ear

by Barbara Toledo-Linder Recommended by: Jennifer LB Leese Published by Mountain Mist Productions Release: September 2002 Format: e-book, PDF, download – 28 pages ISBN: None listed, but this is an exceptional lesson-learning story for kids Buy this book here! THE BOY WITH THE BIG EAR is an endearing book about a little boy who was born with one ear larger than the other was. Picked on at school, and... read more

Ray-Ray’s Dream

by Barbara Massine Recommended by: Jennifer LB Leese Published by Lovegifts Publishing Release: June 2002 Format: Hard Cover – 28 Pages ISBN: 0-9702601-2-1 Buy this book here! Tear-jerking true story! Ray-Ray started his short life in a hospital and throughout his 4 years of life, he had spent many of his days in a hospital…sick and sad. That is until he met his mommy. She didn’t like seeing Ray-Ray... read more

My Brother Kevin has Autism

by Richard W. Carlson Jr. Recommended by: Jennifer LB Leese Published by Release: April 2002 Format: Paperback – 120 pages ISBN: 0-595-22206-4 Buy this book here! Mr. Carlson has written a beautiful collection of poems about his brother Kevin, who has autism. Each of the 40 rhyming poems tells the reader what it is like to have a family member with the brain disorder known as autism.... read more

I Am Gifted Too

by Valerie Hardin Recommended by: Jennifer LB Leese Published by Writers Exchange E-Publishing Release: 2001 Format: e-book, CD, PDF, HTML – 20 pages ISBN: 1-876962-43-7 Buy this book here! I AM GIFTED TOO is about a dyslexic bunny named Kara, who sees words scrambled when she tries to read. When her teacher has her enrolled into a learning difficulties class, Kara begins to see the words better,... read more