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Hyper Harry

by Patricia H. Aust Recommended by: Jennifer LB Leese Published by New Concepts Publishing Release: December 2001 Format: e-book in HTML, Diskette, Download, Trade Paperback e-Book ISBN: 1-58608-307-4 Trade Paperback ISBN: 1-58608-501-8 Buy this book! HYPER HARRY by Patricia Aust is a delightful book for all middle-grade (9-13) children. Little Harry is hyperactive. He is unable to control his shocking... read more

Marky And The Seagull

by Deanna Luke Recommended by: Jennifer LB Leese Published by BOW Books Release: 2001 Format: Hard Cover (HC) 48 pages ISBN: 1-928777-12-0 Buy this book! The Marky series is a collection of books that build character while teaching children right from wrong, as they learn what truthfulness and ethics mean-just what all parents love. In this book, eight-year-old Marky Stevens travels to the beach to visit... read more

The Right Touch: A Read Aloud Story to Help Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

by Sandy Kleven, LCSW Recommended by: Jennifer LB Leese Published by Illumination Arts Release: 1998 Format: Hard Cover (HC) 32 pages ISBN: 0935699104 Buy this book! THE RIGHT TOUCH is an excellent and useful book that parents can read to their children to talk about the difficult subject of child sexual abuse. Many parents don’t know how to start the conversation with their children-this book is... read more

The Calico Buffalo

by EJ Stapleton Recommended by: Jennifer LB Leese Published by BOSC Publishing Company Release: 2001 Format: Soft Cover (SC) 68 pages ISBN: 0-9710283-0-3 Buy this book! The calico buffalo was born on a starry night in a canyon by a river to a mother, born of royal blood, and to the powerful chief of all buffalos. Disbelief engulfed the calico buffalo’s parents when they saw that their baby buffalo... read more

Grandpa Loved

by Josephine Nobisso Recommended by: Jennifer LB Leese Published by Gingerbread House Release: 2000 Format: Hard Cover (HC), Soft Cover (SC) 32 pages ISBN: 0-940112-01-9 (HC), 0-940112-04-3 (SC) Buy this book! GRANDPA LOVED is a beautiful picture book for children. Told in a simple and understandable manner, the book, the author, and the illustrator are all winners, and quickly became a favorite. The... read more