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Lion of Scythia by Max Overton

Max Overton’s “The Lion of Scythia” is a fast-paced historical adventure. Overton weaves history with the excitement of raging battles and bloody death on the plains. The descriptions of the nomadic band Nikometros joins are engaging and well-researched. From the fermented milk to the cleaning ointment, the descriptions of the life of the band feel authentic to the reader. Nikometros is... read more

Glass House by Ariana Overton

The main character of “Glass House”, by Ariana Overton, is James, who is respectfully named “uncle” by the aboriginal people he was brought up by after his parents’ deaths. James is caught up in a quest that only he can fulfill, but he cannot do it alone. With the Vice Chancellor of the university doing everything in his power to discredit James’ investigations, the... read more

Love Thy Sister by Maria Grazia Swan

When Mina leaves her native Italy to join her older sister, the mysterious Paola, in California, the two near-strangers quickly become best friends. After a terrible accident at Paola’s business, Mina discovers a dark conspiracy she can barely understand, but she is determined to help Paola however she can. After all, there is no closer tie than blood. However, whose blood will it be? The answer... read more

Bent Coin by Stephen Byers

“Bent Coin” by Stephen Byers begins in 1898 with the death of Suzanne’s mother, followed by fond memories of her father told in creative flashbacks. When her father dies, Suzanne inherits his Chicago real estate business. She meets Harry Matheu, a truck driver with a greedy hidden agenda, whom shelater marries. However, two weeks after they begin dating, she has him investigated and... read more

The Naked Jaybird by Stephen P. Byers

The setting for “The Naked Jaybird” by Stephen P. Byers is modern day Canada, focusing on the life and experiences of one private investigator – Rolland Royce. A bright young man with a hero for a father to live up to, he becomes entangled in a suspected Chinese scheme to attack from Canada to bring America to its knees. Rolland takes a job as a bodyguard for Mr. Stanley, an important... read more