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Remembering You by Cass Andre

“Remembering You” by Cass Andre focuses on Dray Sloan, a gun-toting, card-cheating, woman whose sister dies and leaves Dray to care for her five nieces and nephews. Lacking any maternal instinct, Dray feels overwhelmed but responsible for the children, and surprisingly finds herself drawn to them. They “warmed her with a feeling she could only compare to that of an honest royal... read more

Picture of Guilt by Helen Haddad

A shocked, terror-stricken crime witness provides a forensic artist with a detailed description of a murderer. When the witness views the final sketch, she insists it’s not correct. The artist dutifully makes the requested changes – but a nagging doubt enters her mind. Did she really draw the wrong man? “Picture of Guilt”, author Helen Haddad’s promising first novel, is the... read more

Paradox by Rosemary Laurey and J.C. Wilder

“Paradox” features two tales of breathtaking love despite great odds. Masterful storytellers Rosemary Laurey and J.C. Wilder bring to life two unique looks at paranormal romance. In highly charged erotic stories, they bring to life very different and complex worlds where love conquers all. “Fly with a Dragon” by Rosemary Laurey tells the story of Myfanwy. Dragon attacks have caused... read more

Tears of the Stars by John Aridi

Tears of the Stars by John Aridi is a superbly crafted collection of short stories that will take the reader’s imagination from Earth and beyond. The stories weave a future for Earth as imagined by Aridi. Each story gives insights into this future with every page. The reader will learn why the corrupt government body called the Terran Stellar Nations was overthrown and how the prosperous fair Union... read more

Five Star Rating System

Five Stars – Outstanding: This book was hard to put down-Highly recommended! (Fully developed characters; masterful use of language; engaging plot.) Four Stars – Very Good: This book is very enjoyable and well worth the purchase price! (Great story with a minor weakness that may include aspects plot/dialogue/character development.) Three Stars – Good: This book was entertaining and... read more