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Dayspring Dawning by Jeanine Berry

“Dayspring Dawning” by Jeanine Berry is the first book in a series based upon the world of Gaea. The struggle mounts between the humans who have newly turned back to the Sky Gods and those who follow the aliens that have come to teach the psiborn how to use their talents to further the human race. Just a few superstitious peasants clinging onto the old ways in fear of change, but is everything... read more

Walking With Elephants by Karen S. Bell

In this chatty first-person tale, “Walking With Elephants”, Karen S. Bell introduces the reader to Suze Hall. Suze has lived a conventional life, aside from a yearlong relationship with an art student while she was in college. She defines herself by what she is to other people. She is Bob’s wife; Skip, Ilana and David’s mother; Marcia’s friend; Elliot’s co-worker. She... read more

Rumors of War by Peggy Tibbets

The Gulf War is the backdrop of “Rumors of War” by Peggy Tibbets. “Rumors of War” delves into the disruption caused by the overseas conflict during the early 90’s resulting in the activation of Phillip Singleton’s reserve unit. After a tearful goodbye, Ilene Singleton takes over the reigns of running the household while undertaking the stressful job of overseeing some... read more

Rainbow Valley by Barbara Clark

Whoopee-ti-yi-yay! Fresh out of cooking school, Annie Reed is overjoyed to be offered a job as head cook at a well-known dude ranch. But that job doesn’t work out, and she finds herself down to her last dime in an unfamiliar town. When she overhears a stranger talking about a cooking job at his ranch, she quickly nominates herself for the position. Then she finds out her new boss is no other than... read more

Someone’s in the Kitchen with Dinah by Barbara Pearson Arau

The Florida Keys at the height of the hurricane season is the setting for “Someone’s in the Kitchen with Dinah” by Barbara Pearson Arau. “Someone’s in the Kitchen with Dinah” probes the murders of two people in Webb Key, a sleepy place where everybody knows everybody else’s business. Dinah comes to Webb Key to work on a cookbook and to deal with her soon-to-be-final... read more