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Teasing Danger by Autumn Dawn

In “Teasing Danger” by Autumn Dawn, Jasmine finds herself hunting for her best friend in the Alaskan wilderness. Wiley often disappears into the solitude of the heavily forested region, knowing that Jasmine and her dog Lemming will soon follow. She always leaves a map and never deviates from the course she has set. Jasmine’s panic is immense when she arrives at Wiley’s camp to find... read more

The Eye of Night by Pauline Alama

“The Eye of Night” by Pauline Alama is an epic tale of converse elements: famine and harvest, mystery and enlightenment, death and rebirth, chaos and genesis. Welcome to a world ruled by gods of the World-Wheel: Rising God, Bright Goddess, Upside-down God, and Hidden Goddess. Natural order abandons the land of the North and beckons the time of the Troubles. Ghosts walk the earth; madness... read more

The Mother’s Sword by Dr. Bob Rich

In the next book in the series, “The Mother’s Sword” by Dr. Bob Rich, the Ehvelen are mythic peoples, small of stature, but mighty as to their reverence for each other. This second story tells what is happening back home while the invading, evil Doshi hold Heather of Quiet Glen captive. The reader learns of young blond-haired Oak who is amazed to see these giant ogres kill others,... read more

The Start of Magic by Dr. Bob Rich

Dr. Bob Rich’s, “The Start of Magic”, begins an exciting mythic tale of the Ehvelen peoples from long ago. Their name suggests elves or fairies, and they have beautiful faces, eyes, and bodies that are quite small, averaging about three feet tall. The image is enhanced by their very physical behaviors of leaping among tree tops and singing like birds to secretly communicate. Enemies see... read more

A Summer Knight’s Tale by Ronda Chervin and Gene Grandy

“A Summer Knight’s Tale” by Ronda Chervin and Gene Grandy is a charming story about the power of faith. It will appeal to many readers with its memorable characters and cleverly detailed narrative. When the usual priest for the quaint town of Pebble Creek needs the summer to recuperate after heart surgery, the parish awaits the arrival of a summer replacement. At the Franciscan retreat,... read more